Clumsy Case

The Clever Case for Clumsy Hands is back, and thoroughly redesigned for iPad Air. Now with antimicrobial additive and many great new features, Clumsy Case is the only case as safe for your kids as it is for your iPad. 

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Quick & Easy Installation.

Have you ever put on a pair of gumboots? Installing your Clumsy Case™ is just as easy! Clumsy is produced from an amazing, squeezable material that is super protective whilst providing easy installation & removal of your iPad.

Kid & Life Proof.

We love how kids have a carefree tendancy to push the things they use to the limits.  We've tested and designed Clumsy Case™ to stand up to even the most active little hands!  Clumsy Case™ loves being cuddled, but is equally happy being bumped, juggled and thrown around.  Rest assured, regardless of intensity, your iPad is safe and secure every step of the way.

Stands Up. Lays Down.

Kids use iPads in two ways; interacting with great apps and watching their favourite cartoons and movies. We've designed Clumsy Case™ to work in both scenarious perfectly, enhancing the interaction every time. Clumsy Case™ can stand all on its own for viewing, and lies at a comfortable angle for enjoyable interaction.

Access Ports, Buttons & Camera.

Sure, Clumsy Case™ is big, protective and cuddly, but that doesn't mean it's hard to use.  Super lightweight and with easy recessed access to all crucial ports and buttons, it's simple to quickly mute the iPad, or plug in headphones or charger cable.  We found that kids love taking pictures using Clumsy Case™, and made sure to leave the camera well protected but completely usable for those budding photographers.

Sound Enhancing Bubbles

The iPad's speakers face backwards, which is less than ideal.  We've chosen to fix that using cleverly designed internal audio channels that push the sound out of the front of Clumsy Case.  This means your kids can hear everything, without needing to pump up the volume & create a room full of noise.


iPad case for kids


Fully Certified.

Clumsy Case™ is not just about protecting your iPad, it's about protecting your kids as well.  We took a big step further when designing Clumsy Case™ to ensure that it meets thte most stringent of certifications.

Safe & Loveable.

There's a reason kids can't resist using your iPad. Its screen is bright, engaging, vibrant, and most of all - thoroughly fun!  We've designed a case that builds on these values, creating a character that kids love and relate to, whilst completely protecting what is ultimately a very expensive, breakable device.