M Lock™ Car Mount

Beautifully crafted from aircraft grade Aluminium, then precision machined and hand formed. Housing 4 powerful neodymium magnets, the Car Mount allows M Lock™ compatible iPhone cases to be mounted with a simple 'snap'. Designed for both portrait and landscape use on either your windscreen or dash, with simple installation and angle adjustment.
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Fail-Proof Suction.

There's nothing worse than a suction mount that can't go the distance.  The M Lock™ Car Mount is designed around a vacuum cup that actively seals and keeps its suction for the long term, providing a secure and dependable mount for your iPhone.

iphone mount for car

Tap & Go Convenience.

We're dedicated to delivering an experience beyond anything you've seen before. The Car Mount is super thin, lightweight and delivers an incredibly strong attachement, all thanks to the power of some special magnets. We've carefully selected rare earth Neodymium magnets that are known to be super strong, long lasting and safe for use with your iPhone. Simple and powerful, and a joy to use.

The Ideal Angle.

There's no doubt cars make for challenging design environments. We've taken the time to ensure every car, and every driver, is able to find the perfect position and angle to deliver glare free and convenient at-a-glance viewing.

iphone mount for car

Perfectly Oriented.

The M Lock™ system is designed to ensure complete flexibility to move freely between landscape and portrait orientations, whilst ensuring perfect alignment with every tap.

Dash Mountable.

The windscreen isn't always the most ideal place for your phone, and the M Lock™ Car Mount can be installed onto your dash with a simple 3M residue-free, adhesive dash disk.  

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The Ultimate iPhone Car Mount

Convenience should never come at the expense of great design.  It is with that in mind that we created the M Lock™ mounting system.  Unique in its ability to allow for thin & lightweight protective cases with fully integrated mounting technology.  A custom laser etched inlay is hidden within each M Lock™ case, with durable and powerful Neodymium magnets housed in each of the M Lock™ accessories.  You'll be amazing at the strength and simplicity of the M Lock™ system.

Made for M Lock™ iPhone Cases

Your iPhone is the epitome of convenience and the center of your connected world. We worked hard to ensure our products are a seamless extension of that. Powerful magnets embedded into the Tylt Stand, along with a wafer thin etched steel inlay in the case allow us to create a quick 'tap and go' mounting experience across the entire M Lock™ range.

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M Lock™ Car Mount FAQs

Is the car mount the only product I need to mount my iPhone to my car windscreen & dashboard?

You’ll need to pick up an M Lock™ iPhone Case which connects it to the Car Mount magnetically. Cases can be purchased here.

I'd like to your the M Lock™ Car Mount with my Android device, do you have compatible cases? 

Unfortunately we do not currently have cases for non-Apple devices.

How does the car mount adhere to my windscreen?

Simply placing the vacuum cup against your windscreen, and tightening the fastening level your car mount will be solidly mounted in place on your windscreen.  Removing the car mount is as simple as loosening the fastening lever to release the vacuum cup from your windscreen.

I'd like to mount the car mount to my dashboard, is this possible?

Yes, we can supply an adhesive dashboard mount plate. Please contact us directly to arrange the purchase fo the required part.

What if I decide to upgrade my iPhone, will my M Lock™ Car Mount still work?

Yes.  The Car Mount will always work, you will simply need to purchase the M Lock™ case to suit your new iPhone.