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Vesa Arm Adapter

The iPad vesa adapter turns your X Lock iPad case into a solution that's instantly fully compatible with the thousands of commercial monitor arms and mounts that adhere to the VESA industry standard.  With the VESA adapter, there's simply nothing X Lock system can't do.

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Every Arm.

The VESA standard has been around for decades, and there's a VESA compatible arm suitable to virtually every environment imaginable.  From office fit-outs to under cabinet mounting in the kitchen, VESA opens an entire world of opportunity.


Robust & Flexible.

Two features that you typically don't find in one product, however the intelligent design behind the X Lock system, paired with the world of VESA compatible hardware delivers an unparralled range of options to integrate your iPad into your daily life or workflow. 

Made for X Lock iPad Cases

Your iPad is an incredibly powerful tool. Whether it's for work, play or creativity, the iPad allows you to use technology like never before. The X Lock system acts as a toolset enabling beautiful integration of your iPad into every activity, simply and seamlessly. A clever and intuitive mounting mechanism means the X Lock case mounts to a growing range of accessories with a simple 'Turn & Click', while protective your device at all times.


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