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July 19, 2015


The US Cities with the Fastest Internet Connections

A 2014 study on the cost of connectivity found a huge variance in the download speeds and cost of connectivity around the world.

They found that over the last three years, the majority of US cities surveyed lagged behind international connection rates.

Why the slower speeds in the US? It’s generally a result of a monopoly of service providers, otherwise known as a lack of competition, and it could ultimately have long-term economic consequences for the US.  

On the flip side, this study also found that cities in the United States enjoy fast internet speeds at reasonable and affordable prices.

An interesting side note: in the cities with the fastest Internet speeds in the US, it’s often not the big companies (big cable or phone company) providing the service. For example, in Kansas City, it comes from Google. In other cities it may come through publicly-owned networks.

What is Internet Speed?

The Megabit per second, or Mbps, is the measure of the actual download and upload speed of an Internet connection. That's the actual speed of a connection. The advertised speed is the available bandwidth (or capacity) of the pipe between you and the servers that make up the Internet. 

Want to test the speed of your connection? Visit: SpeedTest

Are you wondering where you can find those lightning-speed connections? In this article, we’ll tell you about the US cities with the fastest Internet connections.

Top Ten US Cities with Fastest Internet

According to PCMAG, these are the US cities that top the list of fast Internet connection speed:

  1. Washington DC at 40.8 Megabits/second
  2. Alexandria, VA at 38.7 Megabits/second
  3. Philadelphia, PA at 37.50 Megabits/second
  4. Baltimore, MD at 37.4 Megabits/second
  5. Kansas City, MO at 35.5 Megabits/second
  6. Wilmington, DE at 33.0 Megabits/second
  7. Tampa, FL at 32.3 Megabits/second
  8. Richmond, VA at 31.2 Megabits/second
  9. Austin, TX at 29.0 Megabits/second
  10. Pittsburgh, PA at 28.7 Megabits/second

Case Study: Minneapolis, MN

Just after the above study was published, the mighty city of Minneapolis became the city with the fastest Internet speed in the world. According to Eric Mack at Gizmag, the local Internet provider, US Internet, rolled out 10 gigabit per second connections in the Minneapolis suburb of Minnetonka!

To illustrate the impact of this service, you would be able to download your favorite Netflix movie in less than a second.

This 10 gigabit per second connection is 10 time faster than Google Fibre’s most recent effort and an incredible 200 times faster than the average US home connection. 

The downside? This lightning fast speed doesn’t come cheap. It costs just under $400 a month to have access to the fastest Internet in the world.

In Conclusion

As we were researching this post, we can across an interesting article. It said that new home-buyers are choosing where to buy based on Internet speed in the area.

According to this article, buyers said they wouldn’t choose a home without electricity, so why would they choose one without high speed Internet.

This just goes to show that Internet speed affects the way we live – it hits at the very core of day-to-day efficiency. Internet speed affects US workers, students, and now it is affecting home prices. 

Looks like those US cities with slow Internet speed options had better pick up the pace or face an economic problem. 

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Image: Steve Jurvetson

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