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Proper is Exclusively Apple

At Proper, we love designing accessories for the most discerning audience, and it's for that reason that we design exclusively for users of Apple devices. Like you, we demand the perfect balance of delightful form, durable materials and surprising functionality. We work hard to ensure we're constantly delivering these core values. [layout type="column-2-end"] [layout type="2-column-end"]  [layout type="2-column-start"] [layout type="column-1-start" top="50"]

The Power of X Lock

Your iPad is an incredibly powerful tool.  Whether it's for work, play or creativity, the iPad allows you to use technology like never before. The X Lock mounting system enables beautiful integration of your iPad into every activity using simple and seamless accessories.

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The Magic of M Lock

Convenience should never come at the expense of great design. The M Lock mounting system is unique in its ability to allow for thin & lightweight protective cases that mount to beautiful, minimal magnetic accessories.

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Proper P/O/S

Finally, Point of Sale hardware that is secure, beautiful to look at and a joy to use. The first iPad Point of Sale system to boast compatibility with every app and card reader available, along with cleverly integrated hidden security and charge cable management.

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Stands for iPad Point of Sale System Integration

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Beautiful accessories for Apple iPhone and iPad[layout type="one-column-wider-end"]

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