DogTag Update #1 - Safety, refinement and more functionality!

We're so thankful for all of the support we've seen since announcing the DogTag accessory for Apple AirTag. We will be shipping DogTag's to many happy pups, located all over the world! 

As we work towards production and dispatch, we want to include you all in the process. We hope you will find this update interesting, there are a couple of things that have changed since the AirTag launched in April. 🐕

Design update re: Batteries

We have updated the design of the product, following concerns from major retailers about the button cell battery being too simple to access. According to reports, Officeworks AUS have chosen not to sell AirTag out of concern the battery can come out too easily.

As dog owners ourselves, we share the concern and recognise that pets might swallow an Airtag or it's battery if it comes free playing at a dog park, running through bushes or otherwise enjoying a day in the life of a dog. So only relying on a silicone cover wasn't going to cut it for any of us.

After a lot of brainstorming, we have decided to enclose the AirTag in a specially designed case that can't be opened without a screwdriver. This means the AirTag is even better protected and the casing prevents the battery from becoming loose. We have maintained the soft silicone cover, attachment method and style so it looks and feels the exact same as your purchase.

We've tested the design and the volume of the alarm is softer, but is still easily heard. We feel it's a plus considering we don't want to be seeing dogs startled with loud alarms on their collar. Location accuracy is unaffected, and we even threw in an easter egg - open anchor points on the plastic body that allows the DogTag to be attached to other objects. Feel free to get creative!

We know you'll love these updates to the design, and we appreciate your pre-order patience as we fine tune our manufacturing for bulk production. No matter what type of common dog collar you have, we feel confident it will fit with the silicone cover.

Based on current production planning, we're hoping to have your order delivered globally in July 2021. 

Our preorder is still open - get yours today!

Thank you!