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Long story short.

What started out as a single product launched in 2010, has grown to become a market defining line of modular accessories and cases for the iPad,  iPhone and Apple Watch. Proper products are loved by tech design enthusiasts globally, as well as businesses looking for innovative, experience centric device integration.
Today, Studio Proper is a busy industrial design team with constantly evolving in-house brands that coexist alongside a vibrant consulting business, where our team create experience-centric products for leading brands, globally. Our mission? To create Proper technology experiences 


We are Proper.

Alon Tamir
Founder & CEO
James Kennedy
Sr. Industrial Designer
Aidan Pattinson
Industrial Designer
Bill Mastre
BDM Americas
Tony Cossington
BDM UK/Europe
Eli Vayn
BDM Australia/New Zealand
Sihan Zhao
Supply Chain Manager
Matt Jones
Graphic Designer

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