Our Process - Designed in Melbourne

We're proud to internally design and manage all of our own products, from the idea through engineering, prototyping, testing, and production in Melbourne, Australia. Our team are committed to testing the boundaries of what a modest sized company can do to compete in a global market.

As individuals, we all seek quality products in our lives - understanding that low cost typically results in low value. We commit our focus to producing only great accessories for Apple products, and as a Apple Authorised Reseller - we have a unique opportunity to provide both our and Apples products to customers in one transaction.

But still, we don't get any kind of insider knowledge as to what Apple is about to release - so we spend our time researching amazing materials, finishes and technologies so when a new device is released, we can solve for the needs of many in our signature style.


We're all designers at heart, because we all align ourselves with the things we love and cherish. We all find inspiration from all areas of life from the colour of bluestone footpaths to the satisfying thud of a well built car door. 

Materials, colours, finishes are always changing with the evolution of our daily lives. Suffice to say we share a lot of things we are drawn to around the office in a "oh, did you see this" fashion. "How good would this be with x finish!".  

Equally, we live with our products and prototypes - testing them and continuously thinking of new ways to make them better. Looking to feedback from customers, family and friends on areas of improvement. 


We have a wall of tubs, filled with prototype parts, ideas and projects that we have worked on over the years. And we maintain that the only way to judge an idea is to use it and try it.

All of our prototypes are made by our CMFG partners so we and they know what to expect for the end products. We have built relationships and knowledge around aluminium most design companies would dream of.


All of our products are tested in house to ensure they meet our expectations of quality fit, finish and function. Where products have moving parts, we work internally and with external companies to test the cycle life of components so customers can have peace of mind. 

Living with

We use our manufactured products every day. Living the life of a Proper customer. Looking for new ways to improve the experience we have with Apple products. We are always looking to develop new ideas, and just as importantly, develop ourselves as a company to provide the best experience for our customers. As a humbly sized design business, we are challenged everyday - and look forward to it.