Proper X Scratch

Great, healthy food + location tracking for your precious four legged friends!

With several adorable Covid puppies joining team Proper over the past few years, we've become quite attuned to the needs of our newest family members. As designers, we find inspiration everywhere - and with these new furry friends in our life it was only a matter of time until we found a problem that needing solving!

Being lovably curious and (sometimes) hyper, a concern shared by virtually all pet owners is ensuring they don't run off at the park or whilst on a walk and, worst case scenario, get lost. To solve this problem we looked to Apple's enormous tech ecosystem - particularly their 'Find My' tracking technology. We created the DogTag to give pet owners a secure, dog-friendly way to attach an Apple AirTag to their dog's collar, allowing them to track their location at all times.

An internal safety enclosure reduces risk of accidental battery ingestion, and an all weather, durable unibody elastomer cover allows it to easily stretch onto most standard collars.

The second concern we all share is how to best keep our pets healthy. With such a crowded pet food market, it can be near impossible to ensure the food you are feeding your pet is in fact good for them.

That's why we love fellow Aussie brand Scratch. Scratch is dedicated to making the most healthy pet food, from whole Aussie ingredients. Scratch is the perfect mix of protein, healthy fat and fibre to keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day—giving your pup plenty of mischievous energy.

We're also super excited to have partnered with Scratch, giving DogTag purchasers* an exclusive discount on their first Scratch purchase.

Buy your DogTag now, and enjoy feeding your pet the best with Scratch!


* Offer limited to purchasers located in Australia.