How to Market Your New App

You’ve done the heavy lifting. You’ve designed a great app. But, ensuring your app’s success is more than a pretty interface and good code. Now you have to get it in people’s hands.

If the public doesn’t know about your app, it certainly won’t be successful. According to a study, 59% of apps don’t generate enough revenue to break even on development costs. The same study goes on to explain that while more than 90% of people believe app marketing is vital, more than 50% had set aside $0 dollars for marketing.

It’s nearly impossible to generate revenue if you don’t market your app. According to, Apple's App Store is filled with more than one million iPhone and iPad apps. You have a lot of competition, so marketing is a must. To give your app the best shot at success, let’s discuss some ways to market your new app and get it in front of paying customers. 

Build a Social Presence

Most of your app promotion occurs on the web and mobile. If you don’t have a Twitter and Facebook page, set them up now. Once you’ve created the pages, start using them. Learn about the influential players. Follow and like people and pages talking about iPhone and iPad app development, marketing and great apps.

It depends on your app, but think about other sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Google+.

Develop Your Online Content

While it would be nice to simply rely on your App Store page, you need to have your own online presence. People need a place to go to learn about your app. You need a website that’s creative, reinforces your brand, is easy to scan and navigate, and has a blog.

Your website is one of the best places to pitch your app to visitors. Add video giving an app preview. Include a call to action – create a button link to download your app. This button should be front and center. Don’t make it hard for people to find your download button.

Add a mailing list subscription form to your website. Promise and deliver interesting information as well as announcements to your email list. Build your community, and you’re well on your way to marketing your app.

Your blog is a great way to engage users by sharing your design process. You can also notify them about your launch, app updates and new features. Share content on your blog by teaching people or offering tips. The more content you share, the more visibility you’ll get. Use the blog to make people want your app.

Create a Product Video

Tell the story of your app with a creative video. It could be funny, personal, descriptive or thought-provoking. Just make sure it works with your app’s brand image. Share this video in all of your online avenues – website, social media, blog and email.

Make Use of App Store Optimization

Don’t ignore this important marketing tactic. Some important highlights for optimization include:

  • Pick the right name for your app – one that is easy to search for.
  • Use effective keywords when you submit your app to the app store.
  • Design an attractive icon – this shows up in search results.
  • Treat your app profile page as a landing page. It should mimic the rest of your online presence.
  • Get some reviews – hit up your friends and family. People do read user ratings and reviews. This influences their download behavior.

Use an Ad Exchange

If you’ve got a limited budget, a service like TapforTap lets you do free tap exchange. You get users for your app by “trading taps” with other app developers. You show ads for other apps, earn credits and spend them to promote your own app driving installs and most importantly, engagement. 

Other options with TapforTap include getting users for your app using a pay per click campaign. You bid for traffic and pay for each tap. 

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