5 Apps That Can Improve Business Communications

You have an iPhone and an iPad. So do all of your co-workers. With these tools at the ready, you can vastly improve and streamline your business communications.

You probably have the latest game apps and fun tools on your Apple device, but we’ve got some apps that are far more important because they help you do your job better, and communicate more efficiently.

We’ve found five dynamite apps that can improve business communications and set you up for success every day of the week. How’d we find them? We polled our co-workers and researched App store ratings.

1. GoToMeeting

This app is the powerhouse behind the modern meeting. This is the meeting where everyone works remotely, yet they still need to come together to make plans and communicate.

This terrific app helps you improve your business communications because:

  • You can meet face-to-face even from different locations.
  • You can share your computer screen. And, so can other meeting attendees.
  • It supports audio audio.
  • It’s mobile friendly – you’ve got a meeting in the palm of your hand.
  • You have the ability to claim a personal meeting room.
  • It integrates with your calendar.
  • You can send recordings to people who missed the meeting, or use the recording to re-visit the meeting.

Get: GoToMeeting

2. Campfire

This app allows you to record an entire conversation no matter the length. This is especially useful for brainstorming sessions to keep a record of everything discussed. 

It’s like instant messaging, but for groups of people.

Campfire is web-based, and now you can collaborate from your iPhone, too. This chat tool lets you set up password-protected chat rooms.

It’s great and easy-to-use. All you need is an Internet connection.

Get: Campfire 

3. Base Camp

Base Camp is great for both internal team communication and employee/customer communications.

This app makes it easy to share files, work on projects and share customer information. It’s incredibly easy to use.

When email isn’t working for your communication flow, Base Camp is a great way to get people together, divide the work and view everyone’s progress.

With no software to install, Base Camp is a great project manager. You can track the tasks, to-dos, discussions, documents and images associated with a particular project. You can even assign due dates and keep everyone on task.

Get: Base Camp 

4. Slack

A messaging app for teams, Slack is easy to learn. You can upload files and even search previous conversations. Many people like the fact that you can create a Google Hangout from inside a chat room. 

Free for small teams, and very affordable for larger teams, you can:

  • Share files.
  • Have group conversations.
  • Search.
  • Stay in sync with your data securely.

Slack gets rid of annoying email threads – the ones where you scroll and scroll until you find what you need.

With Slack, you’ll work faster and find it easier to communicate with your team, all with less email.

Get: Slack

5. Yammer

Odds are, your team members are on social media. The only problem with it is that everyone can read it. 

Keep your social media communication safe and secure with Yammer. Its Twitter-style interface is a private social network that helps your employees collaborate across departments, locations and business apps. 

Your team will work more effectively and have the freedom to express themselves without worrying about security issues.

Get: Yammer

The Takeaway

These are some dynamite apps that can improve your business communications. Look through them and sign up for the free trials to see which one (or more) is right for your business.

Two we didn’t mention that we use a lot are Dropbox and Evernote. Well known in the business world, you might find them a worthy complement to your business communication stream.

Now that communicating with your team isn’t as simple as walking from cubicle to cubicle, you’ll find these apps are a nice addition to your repertoire of iPhone and iPad apps.

Apps are used on smartphones and tablets, and with the use of these devices comes the need for protection and usability. With our cases and vast M Lock system, you’ll find superb protection and increased flexibility of use. Visit our website to see our products in action!

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