It’s Time to Disconnect – It’s Good for You

Have you ever spent “five minutes” on your smartphone scrolling through Facebook or viewing recipes on Pinterest? If so, we bet that five minutes was really an hour. Time sure does fly by when sharing cute photos of kitties on Instagram. No longer do you have to worry about wasting time with the D.I.S.C.O.N.N.E.C.T. pill and app. This incredible tool designed by Ben Ingignieri, monitors the time you spend on your smartphone. When you’ve spent more than enough time prowling the Internet, the device notifies you and lets you know it’s time for a break. Plus, this device proves very helpful for those times when your teenage daughter says, “I’m only going to be on Instagram for a few minutes. I promise…”

Anyone Can Draw the Human Body

With the help of the How to Draw: FIGURES Sketchbook from Render Demo, anyone can own this studio in a book. Whether you’re an adult or a child who simply wants to learn to draw, or an art student, this sketchbook is for you. The book is created to appeal to a wide range of skill levels, and although the human body is complex, the sketchbook breaks it down into easily-digestible parts.

The bonus in this book is that you’ll learn the basics of not only drawing figures but sketching as well.

Artists draw with the phase-out method. This means you’re given extensive guidelines to begin, and gradually they are reduced so you no longer depend on them. What a great way to learn to draw the human form.

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Furniture Hidden in a Book

How’d you like a book with endless possibilities? Just take a book and multiply it by furniture, and you get Bookniture. What is it? It’s compact furniture that you store and carry like a book. Just flip it open, and the book turns into multifunctional furniture. You’ll find your Bookniture highly adaptable. Use it as a stool, foot rest, nightstand or a standing work desk. You can also stack it and make a table and chair set. Add a wooden board on two Booknitures to make a bench. Light and portable, you can carry it anywhere. This makes the out of office meeting incredibly easy! 

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