Measure What Really Matters

Studies show if you are better hydrated throughout the day, you sleep better, are happier, have more energy for exercise, and enhance your weight loss objectives. Having shattered their Kickstarter goals (they’ve raised more than $665,000 of their $50,000 goal), LVL is the world’s first wearable hydration monitor. The wrist-mounted technology shows you real-time hydration notifications. Just a slight difference in your levels prompts a notification. Not only is LVL (pronounced level) a hydration monitor, but it promises to provide you a complete picture of your health by tracking your activity, sleep, mood and heart rate. It’s also an alarm clock, calorie counter and pedometer. Combined with your smartphone app, you’ll know just the right amount of water to drink to boost or maintain your performance levels.

Refining Your Most Basic Tool


If you’re looking for the most creative, functional, stylish men’s wallet, look no further than the Dango wallet. Designed by Thuan Tran and Charlie Carroll, this wallet needs to be in the pocket of every man you know. Much more than just leather, the Dango is everything a man could want. It’s built from the finest mix of leather, metal and silicone that makes for a modern looking, sturdy wallet. Not only can you store up to 12 business or credit cards and cash, but the wallet is made even more secure with RFID blocking. Perhaps our favorite part is the built-in bottle opener and 14-function, high carbon stainless steel multi-tool hidden away.

The Tangible Future of Digital Cash


With services like Apple Pay, digital dollars are shifting the way we pay for things. Scrip, from New Deal Design, is a universal cash device. It’s like an ATM right in your pocket. It’s easily loadable with cash from your bank account, ATM or smartphone. The designers of Scrip hope to help users understand the value of each dollar they spend. How do you pay using Scrip? Simply move your thumb over Scrip away from your body, and you actually feel the “money” rising to the surface as the small nodules rise. The goal is to slow our spending and bring back the human experience to digital cash. It merges the need for fiscal responsibility and the convenience of digital into one neat little package.

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