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Introducing Vi - The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

Having raised more than eight times their $100,000 Kickstarter goal, LifeBeam is well-poised to launch their AI (artificial intelligence) personal trainer. Users benefit from Vi, who tells them how fast to run, how far to go, how high to climb and how hard to push. An astounding computer-based physical trainer about to enter the market, Vi does this all in real time to keep people on track toward their goals. Vi is an evolving personal trainer who lives in bio-sensing earphones. Each day you use Vi, the system gets smarter and coaches you better, helping your reach weight loss goals or improve your run. As an added bonus, you can listen to music or talk on your phone – hands free. Vi is dedicated to helping you meet your goals as you can even trust Vi to check in with you between workouts! 

The New Zipperless Suitcase


The new suitcase by Trunkster is, well, simply amazing. Ditching those pesky, often faulty zippers, they developed the crown jewel of the suitcase world. Styled with a sliding roll-top door, this is an industrial suitcase. Not only is it durable and water resistant, but the roll-top door makes entry so easy. This bag is certain to withstand any baggage handling device. Plus, you’ll enjoy enhanced theft protection because there are no vulnerable zippers. A road warrior’s best friend, it has a surprise asset. Trunkster built a USB charging station with a removable battery on the suitcase. The power bank is also removable, allowing you to charge your devices anywhere. Two more amazing bonus perks can be found on this modern-day suitcase: a GPS so you don’t have to worry about ever losing your bag, and a built-in scale so you can say goodbye to overage fees. 

Learn to Play Guitar – Yes, Really


The jamstick+ is a smart guitar. So smart in fact, that it works wirelessly with your device and their apps to teach you how to play guitar. What sets this guitar-teacher apart is that the strings and frets are laid out exactly like a guitar, so learning to play on it is just like learning on a real guitar. For beginners and pros alike, the jamstick+ is also a virtual teacher. Using interactive apps available on numerous devices, the apps walk you through everything from finger placement to chords and beyond. Sensors in jamstick+ even let you know if your fingers are in the right or wrong place. For current guitar players, the jamstick+ is a highly portable practice tool as well as a versatile MIDI controller so you can create any sound you want. Build and record an entire song that includes drums, guitar and bass using only the jamstic+. A great tool for guitar-players of all levels.


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