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iPad Tripod Mount

Made in the USA, the Tripod Adapter is the result of our partnership with leading photography equipment suppliers - Tether Tools.  A beautifully machined heavy duty mount disk that includes the universal threading required to install your iPad onto any tripod.

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Pro Ready.

Using the Tripod Mount, your iPad in an X Lock compatible case becomes a seamless part of your pro photography, film and music workflow. Along with the complete range of X Lock accessories, you've got a brilliant toolkit to fully realise the powerful value your iPad can deliver.


ipad cover for tripod

Goes Anywhere & Everywhere.

The Tripod Mount isn't just for pros, it's a heap of fun for instant iPad viewing or spontaneous photography wherever you go.  Grab a Joby Gorrilapod and position your iPad anywhere. Your creativity is the only limitation.

Instant Set-Up.

The X Lock system is loved for unparalleled ease of use, and speedy install and removal.  The tripod mound attaches quickly to your tripod and allows your iPad to rotate freely between portrait and landscape orientations.

ipad cover for tripod

Made for X Lock iPad Cases

Your iPad is an incredibly powerful tool.  Whether it's for work, play or creativity, the iPad allows you to use technology like never before. The X Lock mounting system acts as a toolset enabling beautiful integration of your iPad into every activity, using simple and seamless accessories. A clever and intuitive mounting mechanism means the X Lock case mounts to a growing range of accessories with a simple 'Turn & Click', while protective your device at all times.

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