The Best iPad Apps for Business Professionals

iPads make working on the move so much easier, especially for on-the-go business professionals. With the addition of apps, your iPad is a powerhouse for added production and collaboration.

These days, you can find iPad apps to meet just about every need. Yet, for busy people, searching through the myriad of options can be overwhelming.

So, we’re going to simplify it for you and share some of the best iPad apps for business professionals. 

1. Notability

You’ll fall in love with note taking. With this app, you can take notes, sketch ideas and then share them with Google Drive, AirDrop, Email and even Dropbox.

Notability provides a place for you to store information, latest projects and meeting records so you can keep your desk clutter free. 

Tip: We also like Evernote. It basically comes down to your choice of organizational tools. Notability uses subjects and dividers, while Evernote uses notebooks. 

Get: Notability or Evernote

2. Camcard

Even though we’re knee deep in the digital age, business people still swap business cards. It is, after all, a great networking tool. But who wants to keep track of all those cards, and worse yet, who wants to enter the info into an address book?

Enter Camcard. With this great app installed on your iPad, just point your camera at a business card and snap a photo. The recognition software extracts key information like name, address and contact info. Incredibly, it then adds it to your address book. 

You can also exchange E-cards and go completely paper-free. 

Get: Camcard

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

It can be hard to leave the comfort of your work PC when it has everything you need from programs to important files. This is especially true when traveling, or when you can’t make it into the office.

Many people like to work on their office PC remotely. This app on your iPad works as a direct portal to your desktop computer. You can control any program right from your iPad.

An added bonus: Connect to multiple remote desktops at the same time. Keep an eye on different sessions while you multi-task and increase your productivity.

Get: Remote Desktop 

4. Salesforce1

Sales Force users will appreciate the Salesforce1 app for iPad. With this app, business professionals can take action from anywhere.

You can manage your team, keep your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) current and drive sales all from your iPad. You’ll love your enhanced ability to manage leads, accounts and opportunities, collaborate and create and review To-Do lists. 

Get: Salesforce1


For traveling business people, this iPad app is a definite winner. Transform the way you travel with this master planner. 

Keep all your travel plans in one place. TripIt connects to your email accounts and automatically compiles all your travel information.

TripIt searches your Gmail, Yahoo or email accounts for confirmation numbers for your flights, hotels, rental car reservations and restaurant bookings. 

With your details compiled in one place, you can ditch the bothersome paper itineraries and reservations. Save itineraries and use them again. Sync with your calendar.

Plus, with the paid version, you’ll get instant notice of flight delays, cancellations and gate changes.

Get: TripIt

6. Duet Display

Offering true retina-resolution and no lag time, Duet Display lets you to use your iPad as an extra display for your Mac or PC.

The difference between this and other second screen apps? Instead of Wi-Fi, you connect using a cable. Second screen apps using Wi-Fi have long lag times. With Duet Display, you won’t experience lag times because you’re wired to your desktop, laptop or Mac.

According to, a second display can increase productivity up to 48%! This iPad app is a must have for people who want to work smarter.

Get: Duet Display

To Conclude

Let your iPad do some of the heavy lifting – literally. By using some of these superb apps, you can eliminate paper and lighten your load.

At the same time, you’ll increase productivity and streamline your work tasks and processes.

Business people are using their iPads for work with increasing frequency. If you are one of the many iPad business users, check out our protective cases. Try the X Lock mounting system to integrate your iPad with any of our accessories such as the Pivot Stand.

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