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apple watch stand

Apple Watch Stand

The Apple Watch Dock Stand is a clever little home for your Apple Watch.

The team at Proper realised that we had a hook for our keys, a shelf for our wallet, and a stand for our phone, but nowhere to safely and securely rest and charge our Apple Watch. So we designed one.

Just place your Apple Watch down on the stand and the magnetic charging cable will gently hold your watch in place.

While charging, your Apple Watch will automatically switch to Nightstand mode —The Proper Watch Stand is your new bedside assistant.

To install: Simply thread your Apple Watch Cable through the Watch Stand, plug it in, and you're ready to go.

Available in two clean colour ways; Silver/Black & Gold/Navy.

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  • Silver
  • Gold


Solid Aluminium Body
Adhesive Base
Removable Silicone Face (to install charging cable)


Materials: Aluminium body & Silicone cushioning
H x W x D (mm): 72 x 50 x 40
Weight: 0.175 kg
Compatibility: All Apple Watch Series’, All Apple Watch Bands
Includes: Proper Watch Stand


apple watch stand


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