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P/O/S Mount Disk

The Lock Mount Disk is a commercial grade wall mount that looks beautiful and will last a lifetime, it includes our patented locking 'X' allowing for quick and easy mount/dismount of Proper POS Lock Belt for iPad and iPad Mini. Machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade Aluminum that is bead blasted and anodized.

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Quick Installation.

Proper P/O/S Lock Mount Disk is robust, yet quick to install and get started.  Simply install by securing screws at the four integrated mount points.
ipad pos mount

Turn & Click.

Align your Lock Belt with the mount disk and turn until you feel the reassuring 'click' that indicates your iPad is firmly mounted, in either landscape or portrait, and at perfect 90º.

Slim & Unobtrusive.

We designed the Lock Mount Disk to be seamless and unobtrusive, able to fit into any environment without interrupting the area around it.  Simple, secure installation means you're up and running in minutes and its anodised Aluminium construction lasts a lifetime.
ipad pos mount

ipad pos mount

Mounted Orientations.

Like all X Lock products, changing the orientation of your iPad whilst mounted is a simple 'turn & click'.  The system has been designed to allow easy mounting, and locking at perfect 90º angles every time.

Secure & Charged. Always.

For your iPad to be truly valuable it needs to be theft proof and always on.  The Proper P/O/S Mount Disk has integrated cable management that allows both a charging cable and lock cable to be neatly routed through and out of sight.  Fully considered security and charge management without any of the visual clutter. 

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Made for iPad Lock Belt

Proper P/O/S is built around a range of durable and minimal secure aluminium 'belts' that are designed to fit all iPad generations and sizes.  Lock belts are fitted to your iPad using included security screws and have an integrated Kensington Lock anchor point.  A simple turn & click is all that's needed to mount the Lock Belt range to other P/O/S products, including the Swivel Stand.

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