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P/O/S Swivel Stand

The ultimate POS stand for iPad and iPad Mini, built with feedback from existing retail and hospitality customers. The Swivel POS Stand lifts and angles your iPad at the ideal height and pitch, and rotates smoothly 180 degrees for screen sharing with customers.

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Sleek & Durable.

Built to emphasise the beauty and innovation behind iPad based Point of Sale systems, the POS Swivel stand is at the same time sleek and elegant, whilst being extremely robust and durable. Machined from a solid billet of Aluminium with an anodised surface, the POS Swivel stand is build to stand up to the rigeurs of daily usage.

ipad pos stand

Cables Managed.

The Proper POS Swivel Stand has a neat little channel that allows you to conveniently run security and charging cables through the stand and up to your iPad with minimal visual clutter.

Oriented to All Environments.

Your business is dynamic, and you need your POS stand to fit your environment out of the box.  The Proper POS Swivel Stand allows your iPad to be used in both portrait and landscape.  You can also move between both orientations without removing your iPad at any time.

ipad pos stand


Wall Mountable.

The Proper POS Swivel Stand can be wall mounted, providing the perfect angled display solution 




180º Rotation.

Screen sharing or screen signing is easy. A smooth rotation allows you to rotate 180º to align the screen comfortably for both salesperson and customer. 

Quick Mount & Release

The P/O/S Swivel Stand mounts to your iPad quickly, with a simple 'turn & click'.  Removal is an equally simple motion.  Your shop is open and ready to sell in minutes.

ipad pos stand


Used by the Best.


Made for iPad Lock Belt

Proper P/O/S is built around a range of durable and minimal secure aluminium 'belts' that are designed to fit all iPad generations and sizes.  Lock belts are fitted to your iPad using included security screws and have an integrated Kensington Lock anchor point.  A simple turn & click is all that's needed to mount the Lock Belt range to other P/O/S products, including the Swivel Stand.

Need the Lock Belt? Grab one here.

P/O/S Swivel Stand FAQs

Can the P/O/S Swivel Stand be wall mounted?

Yes, it can be installed onto a wall as an angled iPad wall mount.

How high will the swivel stand raise the iPad?

The Swivel Stand is 77mm (3 Inches) tall.

Is the P/O/S Swivel Stand the only product I need to use an iPad in my retail business?

The P/O/S swivel stand is designed to be used in conjunction with the secure iPad 'Lock Belt' range, sold separately and available here.

How does my iPad with a fitted P/O/S Lock Belt mount to the P/O/S Swivel Stand?

Mounting your iPad is a simple 'turn & lock' motion.  The same motion is used to change between landscape and portrait orientations, as well as to remove your iPad.

Does the P/O/S Swivel Stand need to be bolted down?

While it has been designed to allow for permanent, bolted installation, it can certainly be installed using a strong 3M mounting adhesive.  Of course, for the highest level of theft proofing, we recommend a bolted/screwed installation.

P/O/S Swivel Stand has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews.

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